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Small cell lung cancer with Mets to the liver

Hello fighters!
I read a lot of success stories here.. but from what I have read most all of them about small cell lung cancer has no liver mets. Just looking for some hope.

  1. Hi majandra003. While I can't offer personal experience, I do know that, while small cell lung cancer is less common, you are not alone in the community in dealing with it. I want to share with you this spotlight article on community member Deborah on her experience with SCLC: In addition, this article discusses information from the participants in our Lung Cancer in America survey on their experiences with SCLC:

    I also want to let you know that we posted your specific inquiry on our Facebook page and hopefully will get some replies to share with you. Please know that this community is here for you. You mention looking for some hope, people here get that and as long as you are fighting it is there. Best, Richard ( Team)

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