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Scan results

Got scan results back plural effusion around one lung that hasn't been there been in remission for a year and now back to squerw one so disheartening

  1. I am so sorry to hear that, I’m going through something similar and I understand how it can pull the rug right from under you. I’m still trying to wrap my head around having a second diagnosis (new primary 21 years after first diagnosis of stage 3B). Luckily, because I was being monitored, my second tumor was caught early and I was stage one, now I’m back to worrying about local recurrence and I’m being scanned every three months.
    Have you had any diagnostic tests yet and does your doctor have next steps in place? Please feel free to share, we are here to support each other. Wishing you the very best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. Goin tue to have it drained after that idk I work everyday feel great I don't take any meds my work is what keeps me goin day to day. I can't just sit at home and I've been done chemo and immunity therapy for two years years and been doin great until last scan

      1. Glad you are feeling good. I’ve been working full-time since my diagnosis, but the last couple of years have been remote, but I don’t wanna sit around and do nothing either. Perhaps there’s a possibility when it’s drained that there will not be malignant cells, I don’t know if your doctor gave you a definitive diagnosis. Wishing you all the best Tuesday , please update us.

    2. No he has not yet

      1. Will be looking for an update, this community is here for you and for each other. Kindly, Alisa

    3. Dr said lung hasn't got much in it but wanted to check it out if treatment been working I guess it has stopped working what would be next step any ideas

      1. May I ask what stage and when you were diagnosed and the treatment you had or are still getting and did you have biomarker testing to see if you had any mutations? Next steps depends on many variables. Also, did your doctor tell you that he will send the liquid he drains out for a liquid biopsy in case you picked up other mutations along the way? I know, a lot of questions ... but important. And again, hoping your pleural effusion is a result of inflammation or another condition (that can be easily resolved) that may not be due to cancer.

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