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Treatment with PDL1 expression positive?

Hi, My name is Ina and i am writing on behalf of my dad who was diagnosed with lung cancer- adenocarcinoma 3 months ago. I live in Washington DC and my dad lives in country Georgia. Since I joined this forum, I learnt so many things, reading some of the stories gave me hope and I will be able story about my dad with positive results. Since I cannot bring my dad here in the USA, I am trying to get a second opinion on the treatment that he was given. I would appreciate very much if you give me some information and advice. After the genetics test we were told that ROS-1, ALK were negatives but PDL1 expression is positive and MSI-is High. These results mean that they cannot use targeted therapy but they can use immunotherapy with chemotherapy; Doctors advised Pembrolizumab(keytruda) 200mg+ carboplatin+ pemetrexed /every 3 weeks And with pemetrexed, we must take folic acid vitamin and B12 The treatment will be repeated every 3 weeks and until 6th cycle. I am interested in side effects too. For how long the side effects last usually? I worry that with both Chemo and Immunotherapy every 3 weeks he wont get a break practically and the side effect being severe. Thank you again.

  1. Hi ,

    Thanks so much for sharing about your dad. While we cannot offer medical advice online, for your own safety, in addition to comments from the community, these links on immunotherapy and chemotherapy may help provide info on possible side effects.

    This link on treatment side effects may also help: side effects from treatment can last varying amounts of time, it can really differ by person so we always recommend checking in with one's doctor/care team throughout if experiencing any. They may also be able to offer help for some side effects, and many find palliative care to help with this as well:

    Thinking of you and your dad.

    Margot, Team

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