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How have you found other lung cancer patients to connect with?

  1. I got connected with lung cancer patients through relevant blogs, FB and email. Christine team.

    1. I was diagnosed before the internet was popular in all households, so my first connection to other lung cancer patients was through in person cancer walks in my city; then the internet became more popular and I found LUNGevity organization (through f/k/a LChelp, an online message board) and started going to their summits and met so many other survivors. And then came Facebook .... I have such an extended family now, not just from in person get-togethers, but from the priceless facebook groups where we become close and form deep friendships and many of us get to meet in person (except for covid) yearly or more! ~ Alisa, Team

      1. I have a friend who has gone through lung cancer, I also found a FB group through her. I would like to find more people or groups in my area in SC. I’m in Myrtle Beach. I just had surgery on both lungs in April and May 2023. I start Chemo on August 1 scary stuff.

        1. Hi , how have you been feeling since your surgery?
          I found a link here where you can search for in-person support groups. I searched within SC and NC in case any of these may be close to you:,SC&category=BetterBreathersClub.
          I hope your chemo goes well for you with minimal side effects. Please keep us updated with how you’re doing. I’m glad you’re a part of our community.
          Christina, Team

      2. Hi Christina, I starting to feel better just some rib pain and fantom pains as I call them once in awhile.Thank you for asking. Thank you for the link I will definitely check it out.

        1. Hi , in case you are interested in support meetings on zoom, I'm attaching a link below. You register for the zoom meetings that interest you and you will get an e-mail each week with the link to join. Also, you may want to check out LiveLung, they are based in NC, but reach many surrounding areas. They are a great support group and also have virtual meetings, which you can register for on their website. I posted that link below also. Wishing you the very best with your treatments, please keep us posted on how you are doing. ~ Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

        2. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better!
          Here for you,
          Christina, Team

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