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Has anyone had success with Opdivo immunotherapy?

I have gone through stage 4nsclc adenomacarcinoma in 2011 and 2107. It came back as squamous cell in the middle of the chest. Started on Opdivoimmunotherapy, has anyone had success with this treatment?

Because of the radiation and chemo, I am now on oxygen 24/7, using 1 liter of 02.

Opdivo is also known as Nivolumab.

  1. Hi ,

    Many have had success with Opdivo; of course it can vary greatly by person so we always recommend bringing any questions/concerns to your doctor/care team throughout as well. If you'dl like to read about some, the following links have more from those who have been on Opdivo!

    And more info on Opdivo:

    Hope this helps!

    Margot, Team

    1. Thanks for the info. I had my 8th infusion of Opdivo which I receive once a month.
      I just had a 3 month ct scan and my tumor was 10% larger and the radiologist saw a small lesion on my kidney. He said it was not a simple cyst. I’m having a needle biopsy. If it is cancer, then my nsclc is progressing. They had enrolled me in a clinical trial earlier, so I don’t know what’s next.

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