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Mother with Mass

Good afternoon,

My 69yr old mother had an xray and a CT scan showing a 7.3cm mass in her lungs that is pressing or wrapping around her bronchial tube. She has had a CT scan of her brain also which came up all clear. She is being sent for a consultation with a cancer clinic on the 20th.

Is there any scenario in which they would not do a biopsy and tell her treatment is not an option based off of an xray and CT scan alone?

Seems to me the fact that her brain scan came up clear is very good news so far and something they should be jumping on ASAP.

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, we are in Canada.

  1. Hi , I am so sorry your mom was diagnosed with probable lung cancer. Sometimes if the mass is in a difficult location to biopsy, the doctors can use other tools such as a PET scan or liquid biopsy. I cannot imagine a doctor telling your mom that treatment is not an option unless she has some severe underlying conditions that would prevent it. There are many options now, more than when I was diagnosed 22 years ago, hope is real! I don't know the medical system in Canada, but I am tagging my co-moderator who is from Canada () in hopes she will join in on the discussion. Please feel free to reach out anytime. Wishing you both all the best, Alisa, Team

    1. Thank you , that gives me some comfort.

      1. Hi, I'm sorry to know your mom has Lung cancer. Which province is your mom from? It is very important to have a tissue biopsy done to determine what kind of biomarkers your mom has. If there is no way to do a tissue biopsy, your mom can do a liquid biopsy, but I still insist, if I were you, your mom has a tissue biopsy done. I’m from Winnipeg, Canada. We have Canadian lung cancer support FB group. You will “meet” a lot of lung cancer patients. If you want, I can introduce you to the group. Christine Moderator

        1. sure I'd be interested in the group

      2. Hi , thank you for the info. We are in alberta and she has a consultation meeting on Monday with a cancer clinic in Calgary. The mass (7.3cm) was found in her lung nearly 2 weeks ago and she's been in the Medicine Hat hospital since last Friday with difficulty breathing due to the mass location. They did a brain scan last week and it came up clear, but today she seems like her words are a bit slurred. Just wish this would get moving quicker

        1. Lung cancer is no longer the death penalty. I was diagnosed with lung cancer metastatic to the brain 7 years ago. The treatment is hard but manageable. I have been stable with lung cancer and brain tumour for 4 years. Christine Moderator

        2. wow! This is definitely inspiring and I'm happy that you've made it through. I do have Facebook.

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