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Managing Anxiety

What habits do you have to cope with stress and anxiety?

  1. I meditate and do breathwork, it helps while I am doing it, but scanxiety still creeps in, I'm a work in progress! Socializing and keeping busy help take my mind off lung cancer and scans. In my opinion, nothing really helps the scanxiety other than a good scan report. ~ Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. did you have a little ng process for results and diagnosis?

    2. Hi, sorry but I'm not sure what you mean by a little ng process, would you kindly explain. Thanks! Warmly, Alisa

  2. Walking at the park. I look at the scenery like the lake, flowers and ducks. Really absorbing nature. Listening to music, upbeat cheerful music. Another is watching a fun movie with the family. I try and keep my mind busy and off of the stressful situations although it is sometimes hard to do. Sandy ( patient leader)

    1. Low-impact exercise is always a go-to.

      1. Building models, watching videos on YouTube, word search and playing some video games.

        1. These sound like good distractions. I like word games and streaming TV series, especially Australian series for some reason. All the best! ~ Alisa

        2. What kind of models? I help my teenage granddaughter build legos. The 18+ ones. We recently finished the Eiffel Tower it is 58 inches tall. I love doing puzzles as well. It does relax you. Thanks for sharing? All the best, Sandy ( patient leader)

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