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Nutritional Tips

What tips can you share about maintaining a balanced diet during your lung cancer treatment?

  1. I think you said it with the word "balanced". I personally try to limit my sugar and white carbs, as I believe both cause inflammation in the body and cancer loves inflammation. I thank our bodies get the necessary/healthy body inflammation in every day life. I love to each a huge salad with legumes daily. Thanks for bringing this up! ~ Alisa

    1. , Thank you so much for sharing your perspective. This is such a great tip and one that I'm sure will resonate with the community!

      Wishing you all the best.

      Kailah H

      1. , I almost eat everything but restricted certain food, like fast food or BBQ ... I drink SoyBean milk for many years except yogurt. I think the patients have to keep their weight and body strength in order to take different treatments, especially later. Christine Moderator

        1. , thank you so much for sharing! Such a great point to highlight that keeping one's strength is a critical part of having the resilience and energy to journey through treatments. Wishing you all the best, Christine.


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