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Initial Diagnosis: Emotions

How would you describe how you felt when you received your diagnosis? What advice would you have for someone who is on the path to a diagnosis or is at the beginning of their lung cancer journey?

  1. I remember feeling matter of fact about it initially. But your brain screams "You have cancer!" I didn't panic. Or cry. Or ask " why me?". My partner was no support. I wasn't a surgical candidate (lung cancer) but it had been caught early and I had radiation treatments. 3 months later, I had a stroke. I suggest that you have someone with you for every treatment and office visit. Don't sit there alone like I did.

    1. the stroke left me weak. My left side is weakened. I need my walker when out and about, like to the doctor's or out to eat. I don't get out much simply because it's such an effort. Physically. I can't write in cursive except for my signature and I practiced and practiced to be able to do it. I have some aphasia. I tire easily. But I'm okay.

    2. I can hear how difficult this is for you. Your body has been through a lot and it is understandable that it is tired and weak. Through everything you have been though, I am so glad to hear you are ok. Please feel free to come to our community whenever you need. Sending you lots of strength. Jill (Team Member)

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