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I have severe pain over my right lung tumor

The oncologist said that the radiation has consolidated around tumor. Why do I have such severe pain over tumor?

  1. I'm sorry to hear you are in such pain! I'm not sure what your onc means by the radiation consolidating around the tumor. Does he mean it is still working and doing it's job? What type of radiation treatment did you have and when did you finish? Please feel free to share more, I hope others who have been through it can join in the discussion. I had surgery and chemo, but I did not have radiation. ~ Alisa

    1. I probably started radiation almost a year ago, then chemo. I don't know what type of radiation I had but it was directed at the tumor in my lung. I'm puzzled about the Consolidated radiation too. All I know is that the extreme pain in my chest started probably 2 months ago and it took me by surprise.

      1. I can understand why you would be concerned. If you started radiation a year ago, and now just recently have been experiencing pain, I would definitely reach out to your doctor, to let them know. Your oncologist would know your situation the best and should be able to help answer your questions. I really hope you can get relief. Jill, team

      2. I would definitely tell my radiation oncologist about the pain and any side effects you may be experiencing. I never heard of Consolidation Radiaton before, but the National Institute of Health Database has this explanation:

        "Consolidation therapy is used to kill any cancer cells that may be left in the body. It may include radiation therapy, a stem cell transplant, or treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells. Also called intensification therapy and postremission therapy."

        I hope you get answers from your doctor, when is your next appointment? Best, Alisa

    2. I see oncologist and get infusion today.

      1. I hope everything goes well for you today at this appointment. One thing I try and stress is participating in Participatory Medicine, and clearly -that's when you come prepared to have a full conversation with your medical team...don't let them leave the room if you have any looming questions on care. In the next case scenario have the nurse reclarify what the doctor just said if he/she is in a rush. I hope you get clear answers to your questions. Please let us know how it turned out—wishing you the very best!
        Yolanda( Team)

    3. The Dr. was puzzled as to why I have such pain at the tumor site, so he prescribed me more Hydrocodone and Morphine (for flareups) and extended release morphine for every 12 hours. Sure hope it takes the pain away. Other than the pain, I think I am handling the cancer well.

      1. I hope this takes your pain away too. Please keep us posted. Sending you strength! Jill, team

      2. I'm glad your dr. addressed the pain, hope it helps, let us know! Glad you are handling everything else well. Do you have any upcoming scans or tests? ~ Alisa

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