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Hi, asking what were symptoms?

Hi, I hope I am not upsetting anyone with my questions?

I am asking what were the symptoms before getting tested?

I am thinking I may have something going on.

I got Covid back in 2021 and right after that I got Shingles ( is was bad)
Ever since then I have not felt 100%
I just kinda wrote it off to lingering
Syptoms from when I was sick.
Now I am starting think something else is going on.

I have had full blood work done and nothing showed up bad that about 6 months ago, still feeling not so well.
I am sorry I think I am rambling....
All the best, Robert

  1. Hi Robert, you aren't rambling, but I can understand your concern. Everyone is different and symptoms can be different or even silent. If you are concerned about lung cancer, I suggest you ask your primary care doctor to give you a referral for a low dose CT scan to be screened. I am attaching a couple of articles written by our Editorial Team that I hope helps. Please feel free to follow up with us anytime, we are here to share and support one another. Warmly, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    1. Robert, the thing I learned with stage 4 lung cancer, is that there are not necessarily symptoms. I requested (several years in a row at my annual checkup) that my doctor confirm I do not have lung cancer even though I had no symptoms...just a long history of smoking, cancer in my family and I was concerned. He told me my blood work and urine were normal and I show no symptoms or indicators so not to worry. When I turned 55 he said he could order a CT scan based on my age and insurance would cover it. And there it was...stage 4. I never showed any symptoms but CT, Pet and MRIs from multiple health systems confirmed it. So if you want a test (and if you are not old enough or symptomatic enough) you're going to have to insist and/or lie and tell your doctor you've been coughing a lot. Or just pay without insurance which I wish I did but I believed my doctor. I wish I had insisted so I could have gotten a test earlier and maybe we wpould have caught it at an earlier stage. But insurance company profits outrank health concerns in America.

      1. Thank you for sharing your experience and suggestions. I did not fit the guidelines for screening, but due to my family history of lung cancer I went as a private patient, unfortunately that was after a year of going back and forth to my primary care doctor who told me I'm not getting any younger (I was in my early forties) to take ibuprofen. By the time I realized something else was going on and I got myself screened, I was Stage 3b. You made many valid points, we must advocate for ourselves! Thanks again for sharing and being part of our community. Best, Alisa, Lung Cancer Team Patient Leader

    2. Thank you, I am sorry you going through this.
      I may have to find a different Dr? When I got Covid and the Shingles in 2020? It kicked my ass.
      Up till that time I could do anything I have ever done.
      But I lost a lot of weight, and muscle . I guess from not working out.
      I just feel fatigued all the time , no energy etc.....
      Thank again

      1. I'm glad you are considering another opinion. Also, has anyone mentioned Long Covid? The fatigued can last a long time, I would ask the doctor about that also. Please keep us posted. ~ Alisa

    3. I didn't know about Long Covid I will look that up thank you

      1. It is still being studied on the ramifications of Covid leading to Long Covid.
        Yolanda( Team)

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