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Fatigue and pain

I had a VATS lobectomy of lower lobe in rt lung in 3/2017. Then chemo consisting of cisplatin and navelbine for 4 months which hammered my body and required transfusion twice. I finished that in Sept. 2018. I have had clear scans every 6 mos, and the last one in Dec. 2020 was also clean. Based on that I am now to go to yearly scans. So this is encouraging, right? I am grateful that it appears so far I don't have a recurrence. However, I do have extreme fatigue. I can easily nap for 2 hrs. every day. I experience pain in feet, lower back, shoulders and in general it is exhausting. I don't know if this pain and fatigue is from chemo or from arthritis, which I have badly in knees. I do have neuropathy in feet. Numbness. It is depressing to go through surgery and treatment only to come out of it all with these issues. Doctor has suggested Lyrica or tramadol. I have strange reactions to drugs, lots of allergies.

  1. , I am sorry you are having so many challenges. I understand you already spoke to your doctor, but have you considered consulting with a palliative care team? I heard great things about their management of pain. I'm attaching an article below written by our Editorial Team you may find helpful. It is great news that you are cancer free, that is very encouraging! Please don't hesitate to reach back out to us and let us know how you are doing. All the best, Alisa, Team

    1. , I appreciate your reply and will look into the link you sent.

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