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What are tips for eating during treatment?

  1. There are several ways that may work for you to help you get proper nutrition during treatment. We always encourage speaking to talk to your healthcare team for specific recommendations for your individual needs, but some common strategies are eating when your appeite is greatest, adding sauces if you have trouble swallowing, trying liquid meal replacements, staying hydrated, eating several smaller snacks or meals than a few large meals, and trying to get some exercise before eating to increase appetite. More details can be found here: and feel free to see community recommendations here:

    1. There is a lot of discussion about sugar and its relationship to cancer, but many of us ate healthy before cancer. I tell people eat in moderation and quality food when possible, I still eat meat, buy only grass fed. I feel the best options for overall health while being treated is focus on what will strengthen you immune system. I work out at least twice a week, do daily shots of wheatgrass, supplements that strengthen my immune system and drink plenty of water. I am a eight year lung cancer survivor and still going strong.

      1. I have a very healthy breakfast, but for dinner, I eat everything I want, e.g., fish, chicken, beef and vegetables. We order food a lot. I don't drink although I can, and if I get the urge to have ice cream or cake, I'll go and get it. I guess what I try to say is that you got to live a little bit, but I do pay attention to having more vegetable because I don't like vegetables. Christine team

        1. I am not a fan of fruit!

      2. I think it's sometimes up in the air when it comes to eating, as so many people lose their appetites during this time. It boils down to whatever they can stomach is a plus like

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