Les Whitney

Whitney Les playing guitar while in a medical chairLes Whitney spent 20 years as president or CEO of four different companies. At age 48 he transitioned his career to mentoring business owners and CEOs. He loved this role, the impact he had on his clients, their families, their employees, and their employees’ families was profound.

Every business owner faces challenges, many of which can impact everyone within their sphere of influence. Being able to guide these leaders through their limiting beliefs about the challenges and their abilities to overcome those challenges was probably he most rewarding aspect of his mentoring role. Understanding the impact of limiting beliefs and the power of possibility thinking set Les up for his own cancer journey.

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In 2018, Les lost the effective use of his left hand. A visit to the doctor lead to the identification of a mass in his brain. Further testing discovered additional masses in his lungs and lymph nodes. The diagnosis; incurable Stage IVb lung cancer. Since diagnosis Les has experienced SRS brain surgery, seven weeks of radiation on his lungs, and 70 chemo treatments. If nothing changes, Les will continue to receive chemo every three weeks for the rest of his life.

Once diagnosed, Les began blogging his experience, his emotions, his thoughts about life and all other aspects of his cancer journey on caringbridge.org. He turned those posts into the best selling book, Cancer’s Gifts; A Loving Journey Towards the Final Chapter. Since writing the book Les has become a sought after speaker on living a great life regardless of whatever challenges life has thrown in ones path.

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