Cyndi Price

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My name is Cyndi Price and I live in High Point, North Carolina. I have lived all over the United States. I have 2 children Erik who has been in the Navy 18 years and Matthew who is a successful business man. I have 4 birds, 2 cats, and a group of feral cats I take care of outside. I am a crazy music person (I love it all) and used to do reviews on new albums. I am a lung cancer patient with metastasis to the skull.

I knew early on in life the medical field would be my goal starting as a candy striper at 14. Eventually I was the supervisor of Admitting & Outpatient Services. I wanted compassionate and caring staff members to patients and their families. I had many cancer patients and became close to the patient as well as the family. 7 years before my diagnosis I went to work for an organ procurement company. We recovered hearts, lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin and bone for patients who needed transplants. Again many cancer patients-there are strict rules when recovering from certain diseases. Most of the time the families were upset they could not donate. They were my heroes.

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In May of 2013 I got flu the first time in about 30 years. The cough never went away so I made an appointment with my doctor and he did a x-ray of my chest and that was the beginning of my journey. Surgery removal of my left lower lobe, the attempt to do chemotherapy twice (my body could not take it), metastasis to the skull, radiation to the brain and Opdivo every two weeks.

Now my goal is to help those who are diagnosed, having problems or just want someone to listen to them. Lung cancer is a horrible disease and treatment is hard, I know this. We are making goals, we are living longer and healthier. I am here to help, care, and sometimes make you laugh. I am here living with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis I am fighting and want you to join me.

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